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Ace Of Seafood – Arriving November 9th, 2017 for PS4

The ocean is an alien world in and of itself. It is a known fact that we know more about the moon then we do about our own ocean. More than 90% of the world’s oceans remains uncharted, with many new discoveries yet to be made. Perhaps, it can be theorized that something spectacular exists below the oceans, and in the case of Nussoft’s latest game, there is an entire war going on. Coming November 9th, 2017 is Aces of Seafood from Playism.

A war is brewing beneath the seas. Humans have long since gone extinct, leaving the oceans to rise and fish to evolve. Now, fish, crabs, squid, and all sorts of other sea life now have the capability to shoot lasers and use energy weapons. Your goal is to become the Ace of Seafood, a master, and commander of the seas. To do so, you must conquer the seas, one coral reef at a time.

Ace Of Seafood

Ace oF Seafood is an open world adventure game, where players can take a squad of 6 other combatants and take to the seas in a battle for supremacy. Players will utilize the unique combat capabilities of fish, crabs, and squid, each class containing very different species. If players chose fish, they can become lionfish, tuna, and other species of fish.

When players defeat enemies, they will be able to play mad scientist and experiment form the DNA of their fallen enemies in order to create the best army imaginable.  Players will be able to command their fishy forces in battle. Players will also be able to access model warships, such as Iowa-class battleships. The game will also have online multiplayer.

Ace of Seafood launches November 9th, 2017 for the PlayStation 4.

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