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A Halloween Nightmare by Nightmare

The House

by: Nightmare Actual

He walks into a seemingly harmless house, a house that has had comings and goings, many pitter-patters of children, many husbands, many wives, many lives have been through this house, the house down the street, that house you walked by when you were children and talked about all the crazy things that have happened, the house you always wanted to find out what’s inside, that house you see every day, and not a single soul has gone through in years, a house that is not empty, but empty at the same time.

A bordered up house, windows covered lengthy blocks of 2 by 4s, sadly darkened by the changes in weather with no one to care for it, a house that has always had this one black cat that lingers around it, and every time at night it sat on the porch in a tattered rocking chair. Who owns that cat? Why is it always in the house, for years it has sat on that same chair disregarding its surroundings, as if the cat owned the house, master of its domain, come to think of it the cat has never been contested.

He always wanted to walk into the house and see what’s inside, but like most people, he seems to be afraid of the unknown, afraid of what he might find, afraid that there is nothing, afraid that there might be something he might regret finding out. You can burn up physical pictures, mental pictures are a whole different story.

One day, the man, by the name of Daniel, decides he finally wants to walk to the house and break inside, he figures that there should be a simple way to enter. He dresses up in all black clothing, black long sleeve shirt, some black jeans some black sneakers and his always faithful black colored NEW ERA CAP with the white NY logo on it, looking himself in the mirror as he is about to walk outside, he slightly tilts his hat forward so the harder part of the hat is over his voided brown eyes. Walking towards the house, the night is as quiet as a grave floating through the emptiness of space.

The moons shine over the city, he lives in a neighborhood that nobody knows each other, an open community in where everyone lives by their own ways, people that utter not so much as a “Hello” to each other. A evening so silent that not even the respective critters of the night are making a sound as he walks up to the house.

Noticing that the cat is not around, he continues up the small set of stairs leading up to the porch, there laid the rocking chair with what looks to be the remains of a small table next to it. While at the door he quietly checks to see if the house was locked, surprisingly the house was open. “That’s strange,” he thought to himself, walking inside this abandoned house to find out the mystery behind the mystery, as if on some Scooby Doo episode, not seeing outside his tunnel vision.

As he enters the house he looks around the empty home, resembling the very same emptiness inside himself, nothing, not even furniture. He keeps walking through the house looking around, on his left as he stands in the middle of the room. Looks to the left at the adjacent room connected with the kitchen and directly in front of that a door that leads into a family room, set of stairs leading upstairs and below it a set of stairs leading down into the basement.

Walking towards the stairs he looks up grabbing the wooded with metal railings, walks up the stairs reaching the top of them he immediately heads to his left and finds three closed doors, checking them to see if he can open them, he finds all of them are locked. As he looks down to the right at another set of three doors, all closed, something strange about that place, not a single sound, it’s the darkness of sound, total and complete silence, a screening silence that would drive anyone else mad.

Daniel finds it oddly comforting, he infers that the others doors are locked as well turns back around, and continues walking down to the other set of stairs, leading own to the basement. As he walks down the set of stairs he comes upon a closed unlocked door, as he opens it a strange red light glows as ghostly as the silence that has plagued the evening.

Walking inside this room he then notices a strange table looking shape as he fumbles with a tiny led light he has on his lighter, the light glows a certain shade of blue. Walking up to the table putting his hand on top of it he notices a symbol, moving his flashlight to on top of the table, revealing a troubling mystery… ” Holy shit, it’s a pentagram”

He then backs up a bit from where he stands to notice on a wall a rack of skulls from side to side, of different sizes, men women, children, flashing his light around the room.

Taking a few steps back moving his led flashlight realizing all the reason why this neighborhood is so quiet, why the people in this place don’t talk to each other, living their individual lives, suddenly, he takes a hard blow to the back of the head, his unconscious body falling to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Hours later he regains consciousness but is all tied up on the altar, his mouth covered in tape, his body laying on top of the altar and hooded figures are surrounding him, he then notices a red hooded figure standing closest to him with a strangely curved dagger over his chest as one of the hooded figures dressed in black steps closer to hold his head down.

He then struggles and tries to scream, but his cries are muffles, his motions are futile, he his bound to the altar, his fate has been served. Few seconds have passed, the crowd then start to chant something in a language he is not familiar with. The red hooded figures stop talking and thrust down on Daniel’s body stabbing his chest in the middle as if not to make any damage to the body’s heart.

He slowly loses life, and a will to fight, his motions getting slower, things slowly fading away, they all gather around and start chanting again, as the blood from his body flows on the altar and enters the pentagram that his body is on top of, he slowly loses consciousness in his final moments as his face slowly rolls to the side. He realizes through the sea of hooded figures behind them all at the door, the cat stands staring back at him.

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