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On April 16th, 2016 from 10am to 1pm, the North Bay Veterans Center and Stack-Up are collaborating on a gaming LAN event at the North Bay Veteran Resource center located at 6225 State Farm Drive, Suite 101, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. The LAN event is open to all combat Veterans. The LAN event will be a time where Veterans can connect and socialize. At this event, games will be played on the Xbox One and include such titles as (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Halo 5.) There will be four Xbox Ones with four monitors setup to facilitate the event. Veterans are more than welcome to bring their own Xbox One and monitor to expand the LAN event. There will be food and drinks available for attendees. Members of the North Bay Veterans Center will be available to talk to Veterans about the services offered by them. Stack-Up members will also be available to discuss the programs offered by them. This LAN event is a chance for Veterans to game, relax and meet other Veterans in the Bay Area.

Together, the North Bay Veterans Center and Stack-Up hope you will join us for this informative and fun social time!

Information about the North Bay Veterans Center:

The North Bay Veterans Center offers a broad range of counseling, outreach and referral services to eligible veterans to help them make a functional post-war readjustment to civilian life.

Some of these programs include:

  1. Individual Counseling

  2. Group Counseling

  3. Marital and Family Counseling

  4. Sexual Trauma Counseling and Referral

  5. Agent Orange and Persian Gulf Illness information and Referrals

  6. Assistance in applying for VA Benefits

  7. Employment Counseling and Guidance

  8. Alcohol and Drug Assessments and Treatment Referrals

  9. Community Education

Information about Stack-Up:

Stack-Up.Org was founded with the motto: “Veterans are our Mission. Gaming is our Passion.” This core tenant is the basis for our three programs offered by Stack-Up. The charity creates video games crates that are sent to Military members in combat zones, recovering in military hospitals and to military personnel in peacekeeping operations. They offer an “air assault program” which selects deserving Veterans and flies them to a major gaming event with VIP treatment. The final program is the local Stacks. The Stacks consist of Veterans and supporters alike working towards the common benefit of Veterans.

For More Information:

Visit North Bay Veterans Center on-site or by calling (707) 586-3295

Visit Stack-Up at Stack-Up.Org or on Twitter @StackUpDotOrg

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